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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy


All subscription boxes will begin to ship on the 25th to 28th of the month, depending on the day. 

For example, if the 25th is a holiday day, your subscription will begin to ship the following business day.

If your 25th is a Saturday or Sunday, Your subscription will be shipped the following business day.


All subscription Domestic Subscriptions are shipped for free!!!

International subscriptions are subject to shipping fees.
International Shipping for Subscription boxes: The price reflected in the subscription doesn't include international shipping, so we will have our card on file before sending the subscription box or we'll contact you to discuss the shipping fee, and the box won't be shipped until the shipping fee has been paid in full, and in most cases, our boxes weight 2-3 pounds and international shipping cost will be $25+
Exception on Canada Shipping is Fee $15.00 per box.
Any customs, duties, or taxes are the responsibility of the customer. We cannot control whether a package gets delayed and charged duties and taxes by the customs office in any international country.
All prices are in US dollars. We are not responsible for any exchange rate differences.
Monthly Box Cancelation Policy

PreCuts Quilt Box: You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, all cancelations requests will need to be submitted 15 Business days before the subscription renovation. Fill tout he cancelation form Here or click in the arrow menu and then click on Manage my Subscription, and proceed to fill and submit the cancelation form. 

To know more about Cancelation Policy go to Term Of Service under Section 17 - Termination

The subscription renovation is the same day you subscribe.

Also, be aware that our shop doesn't work on the weekends. 


If you request the cancelation within 3 business days before your subscription renovation, we will cancel your subscription after the renovation.

Once we cancel your subscription, your account will not be billed again unless you re-subscribe.

What are business days

Business Day or Business Days means operation or working days from Monday to Friday.

Business Days time exclude Saturdays, Sundays, and scheduled Federal Holidays and or State Holidays. 

Any Monthly Subscription box, reservation fees, or club fees are non-refundable or exchangeable, and any items on those subscriptions are not returnable or refundable. Due to copyright laws, all fabric patterns and books may not be returned. Manufacture subscription programs can't be cancelable or refundable and will be stated in the description of the subscription or program.

PreCuts Quilt Box Monthly Winner

Each Month One lucky subscriber gets rewarded with a free box.

How to Participate?

The Participation is very simple, Share your inboxing video or an unboxing picture.

Tag us in your post using @precutsquiltbox @precutsquiltshop and using the following Hashtags:

#precutsquiltshop #precutsquiltbox

The winner will be revealed in your subscription box brochure.

The winner will need to claim their box at

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